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Posted by on Dec 29, 2012 in Windows |

Mapping mouse buttons

Mapping mouse buttons

Earlier this week I spoke of Mouse Manager , an application which allowed us to map the extra buttons or mouse, and tried to unify all including those with special devices such as special mice gamers or designers. The problem is that far from being a complete application, we only allowed to allocate these additional buttons, leaving the main forgotten.

Why would we want to map the main buttons?, Tell me. Indeed, in most cases we will not want to change the operation of the same because the inertia and habit have made us to know perfectly the actions they take, but it can make us movito to get more of that device that we never all the importance it deserves, for example, use different profiles depending on which application.

X-Mouse Button Control is ideal for this application, and allows us to map all the buttons on the mouse. It is also a utility used by gamers and designers, and it takes a few years on the market, having improved over time to become one of the best known in the industry.

It works really easy, and just create one or more profiles to our liking among which we can easily change depending on, for example, the application or use of the computer going to do. For example, we can program the mouse to switch windows if we usually work with many at once, or for a more comfortable web browsing assigning to the back and forward buttons of the browser.

Mapping mouse buttons image 2

can also serve as a substitute-depends on what you want to undertake, yes-utility we mentioned the other day, and it also allows to map the buttons fourth and fifth mouse, plus the following special actions:

  • Move the scroll wheel up
  • Move the scroll wheel down
  • Moverr the mouse up or down
  • Moverr the mouse left or right

This is a feature that, if included by default on systems like Windows, for which the application is available, certainly use more people, do not you think?

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