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Posted by on Dec 17, 2012 in Mobile |

Mapsaurus, Android recommendations map

Mapsaurus, Android recommendations map

The world of Android applications is very interesting. Contrary to what many believe, the market-known Google applications such as Google Play-improved tremendously since its inception, and today offers a variety of important applications for everyone. Considering the popularity that they have acquired the terminals with Google’s operating system in recent times, becoming severe competition for Apple’s iPhone, more and more developers have created their own applications to offer.

With the growth in supply, we need something to help us guide the demand. A few weeks ago, I submitted an application Randal called Cugga App Market that allows us to “rediscover Google Play” helping us to select applications according to our mood. With Mapsaurus , application present then we can do just the same but not according to our mood, but our tastes. What it does is allow form a map of all the apps available in Play, where each point is an application that connects to other alternatives.

This is just an interactive map with all applications available in the market. We can download the beta version of the app that works great directly from Google Play , and once we have it on your mobile mechanics is very easy. We can start from the applications that have previously installed on the phone, or we can choose different themes. On the other hand, we can find apps in particular and see at what point of the map are.

We rely on the Kindle app to our test, and once you choose just have to touch the screen twice-style double-click to start exploring. If you find an application that we find interesting, such as Android Book Club, we can select and download it directly from Mapsaurus.

If you select the option to the suggestions, then the mechanics will be different. The recommendation for such applications based on game genres or the possibility of obtaining ringtones do not think it is sufficiently tuned-for example, on several occasions only offers 4 or 5 recommendations in a genre where there are probably many more. the good thing is that we offer a filter for what they call “mediocre applications”, with which we certainly agree. Often lowered Android applications that do not have the desired quality and that they can not meet the basic tasks that promise. So we always have to take into account the best practices for installing apps Android Smartphone us, and know the best way to increase our security .

Speaking of filters, a filter has Mapsaurus customization to further fine tune the recommendations. We just have to open the menu-from the button with the three points, for those using Ice Cream Sandwich-where we can filter by number of facilities, maturity, rating other users have given, and the price we have to pay, which will free of any cost.

When we look for a particular application, then we will also provide a map with similar recommendations. Again, not as refined as we’d like, but if you just buy a Smartphone with Android, is a good app to have installed. Especially also if coming from another operating system, like Windows Phone or iOS, and do not have the same set of apps. To acclimate more quickly, is an ideal choice.

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