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Posted by on Aug 29, 2012 in Photography, Science, Technology |

Mars Curiosity color capture

Mars Curiosity color capture

New images of , possibly the most impressive we’ve seen, because it is a previously unknown terrain. pictures in high resolution and color show steep hills of Mount Sharp , in Gale crater, a place that will to be analyzed by researchers in the coming months.

What we see is a landscape of gray tones, a space, the Mount Sharp, marked by high hills and canyons along the set of open sand dunes that surround the place. One area where we can see the gravel foreground and background elevations, and whose first analyzes from Earth may indicate that the rocks are composed of minerals which has influenced the water due to staple marks.

Mars Curiosity color capture image 2

Performing a zoom to the photographs we see even better visual impact. According to Mike Malin, one of the leaders behind the camera equipped in Curiosity, the images have been treated to improve color analysis specialists:

The hills in the background of the images indicate different compositions. The images have been treated and actually have a khaki color.

Mars Curiosity color capture image 3

Researchers have also been able to determine the distances that can be seen. To give us an idea, about 100 meters away is the nearest plane. Then, the more file where we can see the top, would be 16 kilometers away.

Over the next year and a half of work and objective Curiosity will reach those hills and reconnoitre, a space that is unknown to warn different geological strata.

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