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Posted by on Dec 4, 2012 in Hi-Fi and Audio |

Marshall Major Headphones, analysis

Marshall Major Headphones, analysis

The Marshall Major are wanting to come to prove that a company that makes amplifiers can also enter this world as complex and graceful exit. Let’s see if with a good name and good to know they are supposed to do enough.


Many things will be criticism of the Marshall Major but not look good. The model outlined in black, striking him on sight. If I had a shelf full of headphones before, these would be some of them that stand out from the crowd. The square design of the pads and certainly highlights looks great. The adjustable band has a nice contrast with the interior in black and gold signature of Jim Marshall. It’s a nice touch. And the way they can be folded to make it more portable is well resolved but it is still a very minor because we won bending space is not much. Everything follows a retro looks great, with nice touches like the inner band of gold with the name recorded.

Another thing to consider is the cable. It comes rolled up, which helps a lot and makes portablidad not entangle us right out of a bag. They carry a small remote control with one button and a microphone. Used to take calls and change songs. Works well, no more, but that matter is welcome a volume switch. But still it is a nice touch. It also includes two plug adapters, a 6.3mm and a 3.5mm at an angle of 90 degrees. The standard comes with a spring at the base that will help that will not break the connector part.

Everything lasts remarkable here. One thing to see a product and another to prove it. These headphones will only go well if your head is the size of a pin. The resistance of the upper band is too high, which causes tightening in the ears after a very short while. After 5 minutes I had red ears and was with the feeling that something was imprisoned head. There are headphones that would use on a long trip or a day’s work at the computer.

The ear cushions are also poorly studied. Neither too big nor too small, they stay in no man’s land and that makes the ear suffer because they are not spongy everything they should. Thus, although in general the design is nice, with a size suitable for wearing every day, is very focused on the comfort and use.

Marshall Major Headphones, analysis image 2

Quality of materials

As I have said, is a headset that stand at first sight. But to try, besides design issues, we found some problems in materials. The Marshall Major has a very sharp plasticoso touch. It is something that overall I would not mind to € 35 headphones, but when you pay nearly 100 € for them expect more than plastic and imitation leather.

Because this is what you get. Everything is plastic but undisguised. You have no sense of good product or not do justice to the brand is behind it. Imitation leather is also Plasticosa and durability suspect that will not be very high. These materials also justify having no comfort. Earmuffs sponges hurt, do not absorb anything and everywhere you look only just seeing plastic.

Marshall Major Headphones, analysis image 3


All the above may fall on deaf ears if the Marshall Major respond with a good sound. Many headphones with poor materials, poor design or flea market feeling that then develop a sound very competent. Unfortunately we will not find in the Marshall Major to an exponent of these examples.

First we start with an equalizer that serves neither for rock or pop or classical or anything. It is impossible to find a differentiation of instruments in a song. Everything sounds and bad mixed together. Basses are nonexistent and sound off. The media has a tendency to be greatly exaggerated, are upon you and are therefore prone to strident. It seems that the singers are yelling to his ear. And, screaming, because the distortion is such that it is impossible to taste any songs. Finally treble mingle with the media and no one to distinguish. Such exaggeration in the media makes any song pass instruments to the background while the voices are enhanced too.

To all this, you have to add a bad insulation. The Marshall Major noise isolating decently but this makes the sound not breathe. You can tell that everything is drowned, lack dynamism and breadth with which all sounds very compact. Their sound does not quite take off. To try get the feeling that there is a wall between you and the headphones.

Marshall Major Headphones, analysis image 4



In summary, these Marshall Major headphones that have caught the trail that opened the Beats and how well they worked. Take an attractive design and package it with a mediocre sound. Also we put a name with a certain hearth in the music world to perhaps catch the eye of someone unawares. For my part, I can not recommend them to anyone who enjoys listening to music. Yes, they look good but there just your strengths. The quality of materials, comfort and overall makes the sound we find a product that is not worth the money.

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