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Posted by on Aug 17, 2012 in Internet |

Medium, the new publishing platform from the creators of Twitter

Medium, the new publishing platform from the creators of Twitter

We may not be saying too much when we mention The Obvious Corporation. For those who do not know, this is the company Biz Stone and Ev Williams, the creators of Twitter. The most popular microblogging network in the world is on the crest of the wave, but its founders did not lie: just announced the departure of Medium , a new digital publishing platform that attempts to position itself in the same space as Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr, albeit in a different brief.

At first glance, the Bold features are not too many and the truth is that, beyond anecdotal evidence, there is little to do with Medium. But it has much potential. Unfortunately, we can only test a limited Medium, all of whose functions have not yet been revealed. For now, it seems that it is a platform where it attaches great importance to the image.

What is allows us to upload a photo full screen, with the ability to add text. Medium is the time some “collections,” as they call the user profiles, so that potential applicants can see what it is. As we can see is very similar to Tumblr, with some nods to Pinterest, and with much more text than Twitter. The appeal of the images can not be neglected.

Medium, the new publishing platform from the creators of Twitter image 2

As for social features, Medium allows us to interact with other users through their collections. We can classify them, apparently comment (at the moment but maybe I could not be enabled when you can completely do) and share them. In the plant of Twitter, one would expect more social features, but for now this will do.

After listening to many “experts” say users have lost interest in writing and reading online, Medium can renew hope for online publication. It appears that the intention is to publish short texts with photographs and typography great impact to stand out. The writers, also helps achieve the near future to tell histories. We will monitor the development of Medium, and we will prove to fund only becomes available.

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