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Posted by on Nov 8, 2012 in Hardware |

Meet the winners of the James Dyson Awards 2012

Meet the winners of the James Dyson Awards 2012

Today’s awards are given the James Awards and we can know the winner of this contest. Created by James Dyson , best known for his bagless Dyson, James Dyson’s Awards is an international design competition for students from 18 countries and the only objective is to participate “design something that solves a problem”

So, let’s review who have been the winners. As we find winner Dan Watson, a student at Royal College of Art in the UK and will receive £ 10,000, €12,500. His project is called SafetyNet and the problem it solves is the small fish that stay in the nets of trawlers. This network facilitates escape routes for fish without a fishing optimal size, either because they are too young or because they are smaller than other species. It is estimated that 50% of the catch is thrown into the sea dead because no good for consumption.

By design, the traditional networks should make no small fish were trapped but drag tension makes the holes are narrow, so that small fish are also caught. SafetyNet incorporates the rings that are placed on the network by this not narrow. Lights offering illuminated exit uns fish because fish otherwise they are dragged to the bottom do not know they are being caught. Thus, thanks to the contrast of light can see the output. The ring carries a turbine to allow passage of water and recharges the battery turns. Also by design also makes the network does not touch the sea with that which is more sustainable.

It also carries a net partition for discriminating types of fish according to their behavior, as there are endangered fish such as cod, which tend to hide in the seabed. Thus the network has holes wider at the bottom. If you watch the video below have gone there to see how the system works.

After seeing SafetyNet go with the two other finalists, which have each received £ 2,000 (€ 2,500). The first is Beth , a project that comes from the United States and that is a moldable denture fit. It conforms to the shape of the member, even though it changed over the years, with the increase in comfort that entails and also reduces the risk of injury or wounds caused by traditional dentures.

The second and last finalist is a project called Revival Vest . It comes from New Zealand and provides a secure method for free lung divers, those who dive without air tanks. The inspiration came to its creator when a relative died after losing consciousness while diving in shallow water. This has designed a vest that uses a smart fabric developed in New Zealand called Heartbeats and Footfalls which can detect changes in breathing and the diameter of the torso. When detecting that the user activates the vest chokes making this up to the surface in the safety position and ready for resuscitation.

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