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Posted by on Dec 26, 2012 in Intellectual Property, Internet |

Megabox was launched a few months after Mega

Megabox was launched a few months after Mega

Till now we have seen images of and even samples of the storage infrastructure that Dotcom tool is expected to launch on 19 January. Instead of , the revolutionary service that would change the parameters of the industry, they knew very little. Feet well, which according to the model mogul will change the way of doing business will come a few months after Mega.

Many remember the name of Megabox. It was the project that Dotcom had plans to launch before the famous raid on his mansion and takedown of Megaupload. Megabox was announced in December 2011, a plan according Dotcom:

Seals would put dinosaurs out of business.

The mogul went on to say that the music platform almost go public before the U.S. government intervened. Now and next to Mega, the 2013 comes packed with surprises for the man. According to TorrentFreak counted from both Mega as Megabox are ready for public release. A shoot that bear a slight separation between the two. will launch on January 19 Mega and a few months later it will Megabox.

The music service is being developed right now by the company Triworks. The below is an example of this, a teaser Megabox development that was launched in September of this year:

And what will Megabox? As explained in the past, the service will give users free access to music, while artists compensated through an advertising revenue system. According to Dotcom, the concept is valid and free music is a business model with the potential to reduce the current music piracy while the artists are compensated for their work.

Income come to them through Megakey Tool, an application that users will be required to download to access the concept of free music. Megakey functions as an ad blocker, but a place to block a small percentage replaced with ads Mega. Those who do not install the tool in place can buy music as an option. Most of the revenue generated will go directly to the artists and the rest of the platform. According Dotcom:

These new solutions enable content creators to maintain 90% of all revenues and generate significant revenue in the market for free downloads.

If so, and just really succeeding, the music industry would have before their eyes the greatest challenge since its construction as a business model.

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