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Posted by on Dec 27, 2012 in News |

Megabox was released a few months later that Mega

Megabox was released a few months later that Mega

Much has been made over the years of , the new storage service in the cloud of Kim Dotcom, which will be launched within a few weeks and also showed some pictures of the service. However, we did not have much information about Megabox, its another project that will attempt to turn around the business of record.

Late last year, already had plans to launch the project but could not perform because of the arrest quickly FBI for his controversial file-sharing platform. Recently, they showed a preview of a video platform in which you could see parts of the GUI that will service.

The idea that the company is developing Triworks Portuguese, is a platform ready to topple the record, an antiquated model, says Dotcom himself, destined to disappear. This service would offer a selection of free music to be included in any publicity. The advantage of this model is that the artists will be compensated with 90 percent of the profits.

Thanks to this system, as artists would benefit users. The concept of free attracts people in droves. Everyone likes to hear music without paying anything, this system is completely legal and the artists will be rewarded financially for their work. As a result, it is expected that rates are reduced enough piracy. Is there a better idea of business that is so favorable to both parties?

To make use of the platform users must install Megakey application. Function as a filter advertising. However, instead of blocking all ads, replaced by a small percentage of Mega. However, they have thought of all users and those who want to install Megakey not have direct access to the platform for buying music.

2013 will be a year with many changes. Within a few weeks will Mega light and few months later Megabox, which has every chance to become a great music service. Artists Will dispense the record companies and if so, they will battle .

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