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Posted by on Nov 23, 2012 in Uncategorized |

MegaCloud, cloud storage ideal for backups

MegaCloud, cloud storage ideal for backups

We used to see many services that are just coming out and we have the type of store your files in the cloud. We have spoken several times about what options we have, how safe are our files, and more. On this day we will talk about a new service called MegaCloud -yes, I know the name? It has nothing to do with the friendly Kim Dot Com in this case, that offers just the ability to save our things in this mysterious and magical world that is the cloud.

Under the premise of “your files wherever you are”, those of us offer different plans to save our files. We start here because I think the highlight has MegaCloud is the huge amount of space we have available input without having to resort to trickery-as we do in Dropbox, where the initial free storage is 2GB, or a payment . In MegaCloud have an initial storage of 16GB, 8GB divided into files and other backup 8GB. It is important to take this into account because other services, read Google Drive or Microsoft’s Skydrive, we offer much less.

For those who are accustomed to pay-should always keep in mind that it is not bad pay for a good service, especially if it relates to apps-there are two different plans. One of 100GB leaving Us $10 a month, and a 200GB of Us $20. These guys want to understand how much space we would have available a very practical way: indicating the amount of songs, photos and movies that could store with a certain amount of space.

MegaCloud functionalities are not at all innovative or revolutionary beyond the initial space, but are as follows:

  • Storage space with possibilities of sharing folders, supporting multiple applications on different operating systems and mobile devices. As no surprise, we’ve uploaded files are synchronized between different devices we have.
  • It has a very simple interface where you just have to drag the files to the folder to synchronize MegaCloud. So far, so very Dropbox.
  • An important difference is that with MegaCloud files are updated only when changes are detected, and only in the parts that have been changed to facilitate faster updating.
  • The sync speed is manually adjustable through a panel, so we can control the bandwidth depending on where we are. Looks like a detail but can be very useful when, for example, we are working from a cafe.
  • Something I have learned from the “mistakes” of Dropbox is more subtle. Has no annoying notifications every time a file is synchronized, but runs in the background and we can access at home without having to be bothered while you’re working.
  • Has significant MegaCloud Media Center for easy viewing and storage of photographs, which also can be viewed on a mobile-optimized and allow us to upload photos stored directly to Facebook without having to take additional steps. As for the music, you can create playlists directly on MegaCloud, besides being able to hear from all sides. It also has an efficient music files manager. Finally, we can also see that we have stored the videos directly from the cloud.
  • This service provides facilities for sharing files via email and with people who have added as contacts. It also has features to share-this fundamental in the case of photographs, with social networks like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Collaborative work is another point which emphasize: it is very easy to share files with colleagues and friends. You can make edits directly from the cloud, as well as retrieve previous versions and create files from your mobile.

Finally we will highlight the features you have place to backup your files. We can choose the folders you want to have a backup in the cloud in a very simple, regular backups controlled by the same app for not wasting time or worse, forgetting, and restore files that we lost with a single click. You can also make a backup of the images we have in Instagram, backup of your Google account and even our tweets.

Ultimately, MegaCloud is a very interesting service with many features, all of which are useful. Many of these features also found in other providers, such as Dropbox or Drive, but what’s good is that we have a better chance of finding a utility for larger files with its 8GB free.

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