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Posted by on Sep 24, 2012 in Internet |

Megaupload Dotcom on again: “90% of the code is ready”

It is likely that the entertainment industry is right now with the state of expectation that users of the old platform of Kim Dotcom. Messages from the founder of indicating an imminent release, possibly by the end of the year. This weekend seems that all indications are that it will. Dotcom ensures that new service code is 90% , “be patient, is about to arrive.”

And is that several months have passed since the U.S. government destroyed Megaupload. Months in which the man behind the most famous cyberlocker has been building a similar platform with slight variations, all aimed at avoiding a second takedown attempt by the authorities.

Megaupload grew to 50 million visitors per day, one of the largest sites on the network traffic to a story in January, at which time the U.S. government toppled the platform after the arrest of Dotcom and several employees. A long expected judgment and in which still do not know what the future of man and the other detainees.

After a few months of his detention began advertising mogul through his Twitter account that he planned to return the service, a new Megaupload would come before the end of the year.

Dotcom’s account has since become a public speaker of progress on what will be the return of cyberlocker. Updates that from this weekend seem to be about to end:

Quick update on the new Mega: 90% of the code done. Servers on the way. Lawyers, partners and investors ready. Be patient, is about to arrive.

From his words we understand well regarding the architecture of the new platform, the money to make it a reality is also prepared. Besides investors, Dotcom seems to be clear that the legal aspect should be key.

A few weeks ago offered more clues as to what will be the new Mega explaining that:

We are building a massive global network. All hosters Americans not able to connect their servers and bandwidth.

And it seems that the platform is an advanced version of the old, with more applications. While developers are being encouraged to participate in the new API, Dotcom also has called for involving people in all kinds of tools to be included.

Definitely sounds like a return to those who have sought revenge and accuse the man of violation of copyright. As these days it indicated:

They abused the wrong person. I’ll flip the world. Power to the people. Goodbye Echelon. Hello Freedom.

Now I just need to know the date on which one of the most controversial figures in the world network launches its new platform.

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