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Posted by on Dec 10, 2012 in Internet |

Mehr: Iran launches its YouTube version controlled by the government

Mehr: Iran launches its YouTube version controlled by the government

A few hours ago in has taken another small step toward that network that are announcing a time. Under the name Mehr Launching a YouTube clone controlled by the government , a “safe” version of the popular website that offers the ability to share videos on a number of rules that limit.

According Lotfollah Siahkali, deputy head of IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting), the site is described as:

A place where people can upload their videos and access the material produced from the country.

A website similar to that aims to attract users and to promote Persian-speaking Iranian culture beyond those contained inappropriate by the Islamic regime, as did Google portal according to the government.

Along with its release, there is a Facebook page dedicated to the new site provides links to some of its content, including music videos produced in Iran.

Since 2009 the country has banned the use of YouTube. All begin following the disputed election that returned President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to power. The same has happened with other foreign sites that the authorities have seen as a space that is undermining the Islamic regime including including Facebook and Twitter.

This new release comes a month after Iran to block access to Google and Gmail in reaction to the controversial film lambasted Muhammad. As we said at the beginning, another step towards the national Internet network that the Government has initiated a proposal to replace the current WWW by itself according to the guidelines of the authorities.

Despite claims that the “national network” does not cut access to the Internet and is intended only to ensure military information, banking and other sensitive data to the outside world, most fear that it is a wall that separates the citizens of the rest, that it is a tool that acts as a filter and censor anything that the government not sharing.

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