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Posted by on Aug 30, 2012 in Video Games |

Metar Gear Solid is a film

Metar Gear Solid is a film

After years of rumors finally the famous video game will be a reality in film. Columbia Pictures has officially announced that it will make a film of the work of Hideo Kojima, Metal Gear .

Whether you like video games or not, it is hard not to have heard of one of the most famous works of electronic entertainment. Hideo Kojima created a critically acclaimed universe in each of the franchise launched in large part because of its cinematic qualities.

A work that started in the MSX in 1987 and had its peak in 1998, when he came to the PlayStation. A game world famous for its long cutscenes with clear references to the movies with plots of espionage is a mythical character like Snake.

Precisely for this reason, for years it was rumored that the film would finally be a reality. Rumors and finally aborted projects failed in their attempt to bring to the screen the story.

Metar Gear Solid is a film image 2

2008 was the year that came closest to the possibility that there was a movie. The director of Boogie Nights and Moneyball, Mike De Luca, was working on an adaptation that ultimately failed in 2010.

Today seems to be a reality. It was announced in Tokyo, during the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the series. Avi Arad will produce the film, it has produced for Marvel Studios (including Iron Man or Spiderman).

Arad has announced that Columbia Pictures will give you time to develop the work so that it can ensure the essence and nuances of the Metal Gear universe. An adaptation is looking forward among the legion of fans and may finally become a reality.

Obvious, is not known to the lead manager yet, but Arad has already expressed his admiration for director Christopher Nolan. I hope it is true.