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Posted by on Oct 13, 2012 in Windows |

Metro Commander: Powerful file manager for Windows 8

Metro Commander: Powerful file manager for Windows 8

As we approach the launch of Windows 8, which will occur in just a few days, are appearing more and more applications on the Windows Store, the only official to become fully reliable programs for Windows. We talked about a lot lately, and TuneIn, which presented a new version of its service under a fully Metro interface. Today change of pace, and we talked about Metro Commander, a powerful that will help us with our content.

Metro Commander , as its name suggests, presents a utility that under the guise Metro gives us the ability to find files and perform operations on them: copy, paste, move, and some more advanced. In fact, Metro Commander allows a SkyDrive account to access our data in the cloud.

A good idea is to use the function keys (F1, F2 …) to perform copy or rename, configurable through the options and always visible through the top and bottom bars. The interface is really intuitive. For example, the top bar shows options such as access to your computer and your documents, SkyDrive, buttons that allow us to go to the previous directory or resume where we were (back and forth), etc..

At the bottom we have the basic options for creating elements: New folder, new file, sort, or a really useful feature: The ability to anchor the current view at the start. It is also an application of attention to detail. When selecting an image is shown in the background, allowing us to do a preview without us even to open the file.

In conclusion, I think that is one of Commander Metro applications that any power user of should install. A simple interface and a very powerful application that is available for free, and will delight users even when perform file copy routine. I personally love it.

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