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Posted by on Oct 16, 2012 in Hardware, Technology |

Microsoft Announces Pricing of Surface RT

Microsoft Announces Pricing of Surface RT

After meeting a few days ago and will be available the next day on October 26 along with , Microsoft has just made public the prices of Surface in RT version, the tablet with keyboard announced in June.

  • Microsoft Surface Touch 32GB without Cover: $ 499.
  • Microsoft Surface Cover with Touch 32GB: $ 599.
  • Microsoft Surface Cover with Touch 64GB: $ 699.

Separately sold to the Touch Cover $ 119 and Type Cover for $ 129.

The prices that the market would eventually Surface had been subject to much speculation. Put a good entry price is key to compete in the increasingly contested market for tablets, especially with what seems to be the number one rival to beat: the iPad. And although so far these are the prices of the RT version, which remember is the version of Windows 8 designed to work with ARM processors must recognize that Microsoft has managed to place the device with some very competitive numbers.

Specifically the most basic model of Surface RT costs the same as the iPad, but with twice the storage: 32GB versus 16GB. The only catch is sold without Touch Cover cover also acts keyboard and basically turns the Surface in a convertible laptop. If we want a Touch Cover the price rises to $ 600, not bad but certainly quite out of the range of economic tablets.

Recall that Surface is a historical movement within Microsoft, who dares to launch hardware and software in a single product. Move that has not sat well with some of its partners but it certainly puts a standard in quality and design should be about the Microsoft products that we will see in the coming months. Missing in knowing the prices of the non-RT and especially if the reception of Surface, which will be sold as we said on the 26th will be as good as expected.

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