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Posted by on Dec 4, 2012 in Hardware, Technology |

Microsoft Hardware, a review of its 30-year history

Microsoft Hardware, a review of its 30-year history

A couple of days we were in the offices at Microsoft, to attend the annual event that celebrates the division, which always give a new perspective all taken during the year.

This special occasion was more than normal, because the division, which celebrated its 30-year history within Microsoft, wanted us an overview of how they had been.

  • 1982: Formed the Hardware division in order to create the company’s first mouse compatible with Microsoft Word.
  • 1983: Microsoft’s first hardware device is a reality, the Microsoft Mouse was born.
  • 1993: After about 2 years of research trying to understand the first concepts of ergonomics, creating the Microsoft Mouse 2.0 the first ergonomic mouse ever.
  • 1994: During this year, the main thing in designing peripherals was the comfort, the Natural Keyboard debuts as the first Microsoft ergonomic keyboard.
  • 1999: Offering the first significant development in mouse technology since the early sixties, Microsoft presents its first optical mice.
  • 2002: Microsoft continues to lead the category of desktop peripherals unveiling the first set of keyboard mouse with Bluetooth technology.
  • 2004: Microsoft Comfort Curve design creates. A curve design encourages natural use of the hand and wrist position until today.
  • 2006: Microsoft takes communications across the network to the next level with the launch of LifeCam webcams line and LifeChat headset optimized for Windows Live Messenger.
  • 2008: Microsoft unveils its first mouse with BlueTrack technology, which allows consumers to use them on any surface.
  • 2010: During this year, Microsoft took a big leap in quality launched products like Arc Keyboard , Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse and LifeCam Studio line capable of recording 1080p HD.
  • 2011: Microsoft introduces the Touch Mouse, the first mouse designed for multitouch Windows 7 .

Microsoft Hardware, a review of its 30-year history image 2

During this year, Microsoft has released the LifeCam and LifeChat first devices certified for use with Skype. In addition, the company has expanded its collection of artist edition mice, launched its new and updated Sculpt Touch Mouse for use in Windows 8 .

Microsoft Hardware team told us that the first products to be launched next year will be directed in the line of communications with Skype, artist editions and renewal of the range multitouch support Windows 8.

During the event we could try the latest peripherals that had created the company in view of this Christmas, as the Wedge family will soon do a thorough analysis.

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