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Posted by on Oct 30, 2012 in Events |

Microsoft has introduced the new Windows Phone 8

Microsoft has introduced the new Windows Phone 8

Microsoft has officially announced in various events around the world, its new operating system for smartphones, , which joins the growing family Windows.

The new system offers an enhanced experience, the result of a continuous evolution, completes a unique ecosystem capable of offering a range of products, which include the PC, tablet, smartphone and Xbox 360.

Crabbe Brice, Director of Mobility at Microsoft said:

Windows Phone 8 favors a scenario in which the mobile, PC and tablet interact and are at the service of the user, creating a unique experience. As a result people can use their favorite devices for tasks both in his personal life, as in the professional field. Its contents are always accessible from any Windows device.

The salient features of the new system can be grouped into three main groups:

Customization: Make your own Windows Phone

The new Windows Phone hubs show dynamic real-time updates from each of our applications and contacts, but also in this new hubs can be resized, thus multiplying the possibilities for customization.

The new rooms offer a private space to share messages, pictures, calendars or tasks in a safe through our closed groups of people.

The children’s corner is another novelty of the new system, children can access an environment shaped by their parents especially prepared for them.

The cloud: SkyDrive

The hard drive in the cloud from that offers 7GB of free storage is particularly useful in our Windows Phone. From our device to the cloud can save photos, videos, contacts and Office documents, you can access them from any other device.

Moreover, with the new Xbox Music can enjoy all music acquired both in our PC, tablet or smartphone.

Productivity: Business needs

Windows Phone 8 provides free productivity suite market leader, Office Mobile 2013, in a version adapted for smartphones.

Large companies can enjoy themselves hubs, offering a restricted environment where employees can find information specifically for them.

At the same time, the professional and the company have the tranquility provided updates to Windows Phone 8 security. All contents of the phone are encrypted with the Microsoft Bitlocker technology.

The press event to which we were invited, has been attended by representatives of HTC and Nokia, two of the most important partners in the Windows Phone ecosystem.

Justrib√ɳ Reyes, CEO of Nokia Spain and Portuga l said:

The arrival of Windows Phone 8 is a very important milestone in our Nokia Lumia range smartphones that will allow us to create new experiences for our consumers.
Leveraging the full potential of the new Microsoft ecosystem, we can integrate our devices in a much more powerful the PC world, tablets, or even Xbox, leveraging the ease involved have a common user interface.

Mark Moons, CEO of HTC for southern Europe said:

At HTC we are happy to take a step beyond the agreement we have with Microsoft for years. We are inspired by the new Windows Phone 8 to create our smartphones, resulting in a device with a truly innovative design.

Microsoft has introduced the new Windows Phone 8 image 2

There has not been much information about the Windows Phone 7.8 update for this release, but if it has been mentioned that will be released soon. A Nokia representative during the press event in Spain commented that it is working 100% for users who have a Windows Phone 7, the upgrade to enjoy the greatest possible number of the advantages that brings Windows Phone 8.

The first devices with Windows Phone 8, among them the new Nokia Lumia 820 and Nokia Lumia 920 , and HTC 8X and HTC 8S hit the market in the dates in order to become perfect gift this Christmas, before the end year.

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