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Posted by on Nov 6, 2012 in Rumors, Technology |

Microsoft is preparing a Xbox Surface

Microsoft is preparing a Xbox Surface

According to multiple sources familiar with Microsoft’s internal plans, the company would have begun the planning process to create its own 7-inch tablet designed to videogames.

The internal name of the new device would be Xbox Living, a tablet whose specs were leaked last June, just before officially unveil Surface.

probably include an ARM processor, and RAM designed exclusively for the tasks focused on the world of video games. While Xbox Surface not include a full version of Windows, if you have installed some applications such as messaging.

The production process of this new product would be made within the same company, unlike the process of traditional mass production, commissioned large companies like Foxconn and Pegatron.

Surface Xbox will be developing right now as The Verge sources within Microsoft has offices in Silicon Valley. The company would have limited the access of employees of the entertainment division to the buildings in which the project is developed. An option similar to the one used during the development of Surface, and that was the complete lack of information leaks during the months of the production process.

Apparently Xbox Surface not be related to the next generation of Xbox, although it could be a useful complement. Possibly its intended market this new product is the portable consoles like Nintendo 3DS or PS Vita.

It is expected an official announcement from Microsoft about this device in the coming months. Microsoft will have the quote at E3 next year, which may be revealed all the official information on the next generation of Xbox, with this new device.

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