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Posted by on Nov 2, 2012 in Technology |

Microsoft is testing prototypes of its own smartphone in Asia

Microsoft is testing prototypes of its own smartphone in Asia

Not far from the first time you talk about the possibility, but more and more evidence that Microsoft is preparing its own smartphone, Apple style with the iPhone and Google with the Nexus. This time the rumor, tinged news comes from Wall Street Journal .

It is far from a remote possibility. Would be able to adapt the Surface to a smartphone, and as the signal source, would be in an initial phase in which prototypes go testing third-party components to verify the initial results. Therefore, it is uncertain whether it will eventually create a smartphone, but it seems that is interested in it, until the point of these first tests. Windows Phone 8 is close to having an added interest.

This rumor is fed if you stick to the words that includes The Next Web by Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, told the BBC:

Is it appropriate to say that we will do more hardware? Obviously we’re at it … where we see significant opportunities to establish a new standard, yes, over there bucearemos.

Such a move by Microsoft would be interesting for users, especially in the face to see a new player competing, and even more when you consider that it would be a company jointly creating the hardware and software of the device, in my opinion the best choice, and so well has given the iPhone or the Nexus. Nokia would be concerned about it much, but a priori not I be in excess since the Finnish company has always been known for creating high quality hardware.

Where it could start trembling Nokia, and to a lesser extent the other manufacturers, is if Microsoft decided to take the same path that Google has recently taken by developing very high-spec terminals, high-end, offering them at very competitive prices, end floor. scenario that seems unlikely, since neither have taken with Surface, nor is the model that Microsoft has approached historically. Anyway, rumor has prototypes of 4 to 5 inches to cope with the other manufacturers and meet the demands of these sizes screens in recent times.

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