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Posted by on Nov 29, 2012 in Technology |

Microsoft launches campaign against Google

Microsoft launches campaign against Google

Scroogled, is the new public campaign, which aims to extol the honest search of products for the holiday season that makes Bing.

Mike Nichols, Bing corporate vice president, has been responsible for introducing this new to warn of what Google has done recently in their search results season.

Instead of displaying search results more relevant to consumers, Google has decided Shopping prominently display the products they have paid for advertising.

Merchants can literally pay to display their products offers over other compas section of Google, even though these are more expensive or of poor quality for the consumer.

According to Microsoft, this is not right, it is a hoax. Not what consumers expect to see when they perform searches, can cause general confusion preventing consumers best products regardless whether paid or not Google.

Ultimately, Microsoft believes that most consumers who use for are shopping Scroogleados , instead of receiving an honest product search, no tricks, no fine print hidden text or what your search engine is in reality.

Microsoft also clarified that they accept, of course, enhanced payments for ads and advertising, but unlike Google, the payment thereof is not a decisive factor in the ranking of search results on Google.

For this reason, today Bing has renewed its commitment to differentiate as much as possible the ads search results through the campaign will not Scroogles .

This campaign aims to highlight the real commitment of Bing, to help explain the risks that come from paid advertisements from Google as searches. The effort will help consumers to understand what are the practices that are used in Google Shopping, where buyers are seeing results as payments made by brands.

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