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Posted by on Dec 11, 2012 in Technology, Video Games |

Microsoft launches SkyDrive for Xbox 360

Microsoft launches SkyDrive for Xbox 360

For some time, Microsoft has been converging platforms and services with the idea of creating a “Windows ecosystem” with which we can access from mobile devices with Windows Phone, Windows PCs or tablets with 8 or even from the a portfolio of common services that allow us to access our files or communicate with friends via Skype from any of our Windows devices. With this in mind, has taken its storage service in the cloud, SkyDrive, the Xbox 360 with the idea to give users access to their images or videos.

Given the range of offering free space (7 GB) storage service in the cloud is unknown Microsoft not and, among so much on offer, is presented as an interesting player to consider. Just to reinforce this idea and provide value to users of this service and they also have an Xbox 360, Microsoft has decided to bring to your gaming console to turn, so in a player media with which we can see the photos and videos you have stored in the cloud.

The movement, in my opinion, is quite interesting because it will allow Windows Phone users to upload their photos immediately SkyDrive and view, big screen, since the Xbox 360 connected to your TV and also with the added control everything by gestures through Kinect (which will support control by voice commands and hand movements of users) that will, if anything, more attractive this bridge between Windows devices (do not forget the Windows 8 integration precisely with the SkyDrive service that has resulted in a negligible increase in the number of service users).

As usual, and perhaps this could be a slight barrier to entry into service, to use SkyDrive from your Xbox 360 is necessary to have an Xbox LIVE Gold account and, of course, download the application from the applications section of society.

A very successful launch to improve the range of services available to users.

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