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Posted by on Aug 21, 2012 in Software, Technology |

Microsoft offers new options for upgrading to Windows 8 Pro

Microsoft offers new options for upgrading to Windows 8 Pro

The official release of is getting closer and this time seem to be much more “concerned” by users in the past. Rumors Surface for less than $200 , and the ability to upgrade the operating system fully online for only 40, among other things, are indicators that this time the Redmond want to do things better.

In addition to the stated above, have released some additional options for users who purchased a computer with Windows 7 recently and want to upgrade their systems to Windows 8, once it is officially released to the market on October 26 .

The offer in question is valid for all people who purchase a new computer with Windows 7, between June 2, 2012 and January 31, 2013. Users who register to participate in the promotion will get the upgrade to Windows 8 for only $14.99, and similarly 14.99 euros for individual countries of the old continent.

For the aforementioned price, users receive through direct download the upgrade to Windows 8 in Pro version along some features that are not available by default in the most basic version, for example, encryption options, group policies and domain names. Those users who prefer to get the physical disk for installation may apply for an additional cost. An interesting detail is that, depending on the country, and some credit card users will pay for the deal in local currency and may also choose alternative payment methods such as Paypal. Something that does not come included in the promotion will be the Windows Media Center, but not something that surprised, as already previously announced that this would be marketed as a separate package.

Some details to note about the promotion:

  • Users who participate will be notified of the availability to download your copy of Windows 8 Pro, from October 26, 2012.
  • Microsoft will offer a wizard that checks the compatibility of Windows 8 Pro with the hardware and software available on the computer where you will install and alert about problems and incompatibilities.
  • When applying for promotion, Microsoft requested user’s personal data as well as data related to the equipment and the date it was acquired.
  • With the offer will only be possible to upgrade the computer once, and every user can register up to 5 times. That is, the same person can pay for 5 updates to the same number of different computers.
  • The promotion runs until February 28, 2012, so if you decide to buy a new computer early next year, you can still opt for it.
  • And the most interesting detail is that the upgrade could be installed on a computer other than the one recorded at the time of applying for the offer.

Users who can not access the promotion, as anticipated, may upgrade from Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 into Windows 8 Pro, for only $ 39.99 . A much lower price than we were used Microsoft, and one of the main causes of piracy of its operating system.

While waiting for the arrival of the October 26, Microsoft offers the ability to test Windows 8 RTM , for free for 90 days. Or probably be interested to know a little about the details of the final version of Windows 8 leaked a few days ago.

I really doubt that the real motivation for all this are Microsoft users, but we will indeed benefit, but something that is certain is the avalanche of sales that will Windows 8 with these introductory prices. If things go as they are planned, the new operating system of windows will climb to the top in no time and without much inconvenience. Wait.

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