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Posted by on Dec 3, 2012 in News |

Microsoft plans to integrate a music player on SkyDrive

Microsoft plans to integrate a music player on SkyDrive

Microsoft has in mind include a player to your service . In this way, we could play our songs hosted on that platform on the web or any mobile device, similar to other services like Google Music or Amazon Cloud Player.

Although rumors of a music player based on Microsoft’s cloud network have circulated since last year has not been until now that LiveSide guys have inquired by the code of the current version of SkyDrive with a result that points to suspicions become reality soon, or at least I hope. In the code found references to a music player. Sim But not all end there is also a collection of images found very characteristics of players such as play, pause and so on.

Furthermore, although there is no evidence yet that points to the SkyDrive player has any kind of relationship with I have strong hopes that exists. If they did, it would be a very powerful tool because Xbox Music is the music application that is installed by default on all Windows 8.

Furthermore, note that when Microsoft launched Xbox Music in October , offered the opportunity to scan our music and add it to the cloud if it was not on the Xbox. Also, the thing or end there, also had the opportunity to play streaming on phones or tablets.

The future undoubtedly lies in integration services. Right now, cloud storage is increasingly spreading and offers more space thanks to cheaper hard drives. This is a great advantage, and that combined with our Internet connection at all times, to access our content anywhere, like our music. What about you, or would like SkyDrive implementase that function?

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