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Posted by on Nov 5, 2012 in Software |

Microsoft replaced Windows Live Messenger for Skype

Microsoft replaced Windows Live Messenger for Skype

One of the couriers through most used Internet in the last decade would be about to see its end, and is especially before the popularity of GMail, many were the hours we use daily Microsoft platform known as MSN Messenger but whose actual name is Windows Live Messenger, and now there are still many who use it daily. For the Redmond giant would be about to say goodbye, because it appears that Microsoft will remove and will replace it.

For more than a year that the company led by Steve Ballmer fully acquired Skype for a millionaire. So it stands to reason that was not going to keep two IM services simultaneously, but supplant one another, and given the popularity and especially the spectacular performance as Skype video calls and messaging platform, this was the ideal choice to maintain.

Even with the integration of some services was believed Messenger Skype VoIP platform that would strengthen Microsoft’s original service, but the opposite has happened, possibly due to the enormous
Skype brand presence on the web.

Moreover, according to some sources the U.S. digital media The Verge , Microsoft would have spent all this time the internal restructuring Skype, P2P from a model to a much more centralized, and designed for the mobile market, as expected, either platforms for home Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, or official clients for iOS and Android.

For now, Microsoft has not made an official announcement, but is expected to give it later this week, and this would be the biggest news and shocking about Skype acquisition.

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