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Posted by on Dec 26, 2012 in Technology |

Microsoft Research presents a new scheme more efficient GPS

Microsoft Research presents a new scheme more efficient GPS

One of the features offered by our mobile devices, and even the occasional camera, is the location using GPS. has spread among users and services like Google Maps, Foursquare or Instagram advantage of our location information to help us find an address, recommending places to visit or mark on a map the photos we taking. While increasingly showing up applications that take advantage of these features, the use of in mobile devices penalizes our autonomy because quite often consuming battery. With the idea of fighting this problem, and improve the performance of devices, from (Technology Foresight Division and Microsoft Research) have proposed a new scheme based on GPS information exchange with cloud services that could allow save enough battery .

The criminalization of the autonomy of mobile devices is one of the major drawbacks of using GPS and, in fact, is what leads many users to have it off consistently and activate it only when you really need them. In order to improve the current scheme, the Microsoft Research team (led by Liu Jie) has decided to combine data stored in the cloud with the information provided by the GPS, reducing the time that the mobile device activates the signal reception positioning satellites and thus, saving battery.

In this new scenario, the mobile device would complement the GPS information (which would have to be constantly active) with information available in the cloud (public geospatial data, databases geolocation services, etc) or position data Users that are stored in the device (past position).

Typical GPS receivers, at least those which can be achieved conmnmente, consume too much energy as to enable them to be used in many applications. Noting this fact in many scenarios, the location information can be post-processed when the data are uploaded to a server. With that in mind we have designed the CO-GPS solution (Cloud-offloaded GPS) that allows a device to drastically reduce the use of GPS and store some data for them to be further processed

Thanks to this approach, the GPS would be used for only a few milliseconds and would save up to 3 orders of magnitude of energy for every position calculation. A more interesting to eliminate the problems of autonomy of many smartphones.

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