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Posted by on Dec 26, 2012 in News |

Microsoft Store, when will come the other countries?

Microsoft Store, when will come the other countries?

Microsoft has announced through its official blog to open six new stores in the U.S. in early 2013. these stores, which will be the first to open, possibly during the first weeks of the new year will mark the way forward for future stores worldwide.

The six new locations stores are distributed throughout the U.S., particularly in Texas, Miami, Cleveland, San Francisco, Utah and Missouri.

The 2012 has been a great year for Microsoft stores, the company opened a total of 51 new stores in the last 12 months, including its first international expansion in various parts of Canada or Puerto Rico, store was opened by Hernin Rincón , President of Microsoft in Latin America, and in which, after its doors, employees and clients speak Spanish most of the time.

With a view to 2013, it is no secret that Microsoft has plans to expand into new markets or countries. According to reports collected last November the Financial Times , Microsoft, opening set their sights on Europe, opened been holding talks with the owners of department stores in the UK to bring its first store in the old continent sometime 2013.

In my opinion, once opened the first in Europe, if the results are as expected for the company, its expansion in different countries of the continent would be a matter of months, coming first to the markets of countries like France, Germany, Italy or Spain .

Microsoft also has shown interest in opening stores in the Latin American market with the recent arrival of his tent to Puerto Rico. In addition, the excellent results the company has achieved in recent years in countries such as Colombia, Mexico and Peru could further accelerate the arrival process.

It’s not hard to see the appeal it has for Microsoft creating their true outlets around the world, whose main objective is in one way or another to get consumers the best new wave of PCs with Windows 8 or Windows mobile devices Phone 8. It would also be an excellent opportunity to join Microsoft Surface in future expansion worldwide and strengthening the arrival of your next entertainment platform, Xbox.

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