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Posted by on Nov 5, 2012 in News, Technology |

Microsoft Surface is still a bestseller

Microsoft Surface is still a bestseller

Although Microsoft has not yet given any specific information regarding the level of of its new tablet from the day of its launch on 25 October.

Some analysts have provided some information in their reports to the Wall Street Journal suggesting that according to their data, has a successful product in their hands.

Phil Winslow, an analyst at Credit Suisse said:

We called and relizado alternative views in several stores since the launch of Microsoft Surface. The comments of the employees were sales that traffic was constant, even higher than originally expected.

Returns have been relatively minimal, most of them due to complaints caused by the lack of compatibility with applications previously working in Windows 7.
A problem that will not happen with Windows 8 Pro version, which will bring more powerful sister Surface, in early 2013.

Brendan Barnicle, an analyst at Pacific Crest said:

Employees surveyed in Microsoft stores, reported that they had to replace at least once inventory altogether tablets since its launch.

However, the success of Microsoft’s tablet is relative, given the strong advantage that the iPad, which has sold more than 3 million devices during the same weekend of release.

In the words of Phil Winslow is believed that about two thirds of the current market of tablets, is controlled by Apple.

Analysts believe that Microsoft sold about 4 million units of Surface during fiscal 2013, a small number compared to the 14 million iPads that were sold during the last quarter of this year.

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