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Posted by on Sep 26, 2012 in Software |

Microsoft will launch Windows 8 before they complete

Microsoft will launch Windows 8 before they complete

is a revolution. I do not mean that it is the system that will revolutionize the market, it is an iteration that completely changes the concept of Windows, their functionality and how it interacts with it. A long shot, but if successful, would may merit further his reign on PCs and implemented in a market where it has failed so far: the tablets . But, according to Intel CEO , Paul Otellini, Microsoft would be risking more than you owe on this adventure, but he could do well.

Risking to the point of launching Windows 8 without all bugs are corrected or completed software, said Otellini in Taiwan. The software still needs optimizations, but Microsoft is eager to launch its system, perhaps encouraged by seeing how iPad sales do nothing but grow in a market that increasingly moves million. As we know that the release date of Windows 8 is October, plans are clear: try to rip some market share of holiday sales.

Although, the funny part is that Otellini thinks Windows 8 launch while not fully complete is the right move, and can be updated and optimized after launch. And, actually, I agree with Otellini, because I have since the developer preview to Windows 8 as host and the evolution to the RTM version I use now, has been abysmal, becoming perfectly stable the latter, then what remains improve? If Windows 8 itself and be usable at all when it is released, you feel that your experience better over time and not just because of the usual system, a good way to get back to captivate. Really shows the work they are doing to improve their system, powered by the feedback that has to be the most tested in the world before his departure.

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