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Posted by on Nov 5, 2012 in Software |

Microsoft will remove Windows Live Messenger for Skype

Microsoft will remove Windows Live Messenger for Skype

For many, Windows Live Messenger, formerly known as MSN Messenger, was a daily part of our lives, especially in the days before the arrival of Gmail. In prehistoric Internet (well, no big deal, but about 10 years ago), the messaging service boomed important above others as Yahoo! Messenger (one that, surprisingly, still alive) . That’s why, with a bit of nostalgia, we had the news that Microsoft will disappear WLM to give more strength to Skype .

In a way, the move was coming. A couple of years ago, Microsoft hit the market with the purchase of Skype millionaire . Apparently, at that time it seemed that the plan was that will “eat” some of the functions of the VoIP calling service, to strengthen the part of Microsoft Messenger video calling. Well no. At the end, have taken the opposite path: WLM dismantle for better strength to Skype.

The decision makes sense, since Skype-as-brand has a strong presence in the web. For that reason, Microsoft took steps to strengthen the synergy with this application, the most important could allow log on through a Passport. In addition, has the advantage that already has service chat encryption, so that migration does not sound like a bad idea.

According to The Verge, the official announcement will be made in the following days. Good for Microsoft, which has understood the advantages of Skype for Windows Live Messenger support.’s MSN last major update was in 2010, integration with Facebook and SkyDrive, as well as a version for iOS. From there, he spent two years without change, until a final version in 2012, with no major changes. It’s been a long cycle life, nearly 18 years on the market, since 1999, it appeared as MSN Messenger, so it’s good time to put it to rest, and now, to maximize the acquisition of Skype.

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