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Posted by on Nov 9, 2012 in Video Games |

Military leaked classified information for the development of Medal of Honor: Warfighter

According confirms the Los Angeles Times, soldiers of the U.S. who worked as paid consultants for the development of the EA game Medal of Honor: Warfighter, leaked classified information . Revealed military secrets without authorization. Seven soldiers are currently under investigation.

They are accused of leaking secrets to high-profile video game company Electronic Arts without authorization. Seven soldiers of which four are under investigation and one would have participated in the mission that ended with the death of Osama Bin Laden.

The game they were working as consultants was Medal of Honor: Warfighter, continuation of the famous saga where the stage is usually from real war stories. The same EA stated on their website about the latest MoH:

The game creates a visual representation of the action in combat that takes realism to a new level.

And that is to develop this level of authenticity in the construction of the game, the company enlisted the help of military and could advise them as close as possible to the reality of military conflict.

According to the newspaper, these normal military aid in the development of cinema and video game productions, but this requires that soldiers get the consent of the U.S. government in the case of projects involving military tactics or strategies.

In this case it seems that they acted on their own without prior approval. From Cnet got in touch with EA to see what had happened. The company explained that they did not know if the soldiers who acted as consultants had previously contacted the Department of Defense in the country.

Although not explained what was revealed sensitive information to EA, CBS News confirms that the Navy classified material was eventually used for the game’s development. Medal Of Honor: Warfighter was released on October 23 this year. Meanwhile, the seven soldiers have been punished with two months’ salary and the possibility of promotion in an open investigation.

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