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Posted by on Nov 21, 2012 in Technology |

Mine Kafon, a beautiful project to clear landmines Afghanistan

Mine Kafon, a beautiful project to clear landmines Afghanistan

Although more than one occasion we set eyes on DARPA and some of his research, technology fortunately not only serves to military industry and can open the door to new forms of entertainment and, most importantly, improve the quality of life of many people. In fact, technology is not at odds with both the and can be conjugated to perfection while contributing to a worthy cause, a fact that is evidenced by the project Kafon Mine aims to contribute to clearing landmines in Afghanistan.

About 12% of Afghan households suffer, directly or indirectly, the effects of landmines scattered about the country (an estimated 10 million landmines). With the idea of contributing to improving the quality of life of their countrymen, Massoud Hassani, a student at the Design Academy Eindhoven (Netherlands) who was born in in 1983, decided to devote his final project to combine the design and technology with a view to contributing to the process of Mine clearance of their native country.

When I was little, I used Hassani build their own toys and built a rolling toy wind-driven and used, along with their friends, to mount small races to see which reached further. When you toy was entering a minefield, logically, it is beyond rescue, and despite the passage of nearly 20 years, there are still many “zones” to be heavily mined.

Two decades later, Hassani has decided to take up this toy and make it much bigger with the idea that work also driven by the wind and therefore roll autonomously but instead of being used for games the objective would be twofold: clean mines and trace roads safe for the population. Leaving freedom of movement for this contraption, the Kafon Mine is equipped with a GPS device that registers its trajectory and position marking paths in which, apparently, there is no danger that the device would have ran without any problems. What happens if you encounter a mine? The effect, really, would be the same as if you pass over a tank or any vehicle, the mine explosion would shatter the Kafon Mine is, mission accomplished because it would have cleared the field by eliminating a mine that was hidden.

The project, no doubt, is very noble and, in fact, is having a big impact as the MOMA in New York include, in an exhibition to be held in March 2013, the and can also be seen in Slott Gallery in Paris in February in addition to preparing a documentary that serves to raise awareness of the problem of landmines. The idea is that this project can realize, really, into something that can be implemented and help to clear mines in Afghanistan beyond being a final project that has a big impact in the contemporary art circuit, of Indeed, Hassani is leveraging all the interest in establishing partnerships and find partners that allow manufacture on a large scale, these “minesweeper” and to apply them in the field.

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