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Posted by on Oct 5, 2012 in Internet |

Modern Warfare 3 and the Internet, to find the key to committing espionage Dotcom

Modern Warfare 3 and the Internet, to find the key to committing espionage Dotcom

A new information provided by the Herald could indicate that the spy agency in New Zealand, the GCSB, would have been watching Kim Dotcom earlier than admitted . The slowdown in the optical fiber 100 megs hired by tycoon to play Modern Warfare 3 would be key in the investigation.

As we last week, an investigation by the Inspector General of Intelligence and Security in the country found that the government had been spying illegally Dotcom . The spy agency Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) founder monitored even though the law only allows such actions bring about foreigners. Even John Key, Prime Minister apologized publicly and spoke of an investigation into the activities that were carried out.

From a few hours ago opens a new question after the news published in the Herald. Information suggesting that the tycoon could have been under surveillance long before what has been said.

The new data are based on Dotcom connection issues from the month of October last year at his mansion. The man declared fan of the game Modern Warfare 3, had in his house a connection of 100 megs to play in top condition. A connection that ensured low rates of lag that began to fail. According Dotcom:

When I first installed the connection was only two or three jumps, but when I came back from Hong Kong in October last year had suddenly 5-9 and latency would increase by approximately 60-90 milliseconds.

We brought in a technician to see if changes had been made in the configuration we have here, but nothing had changed. After a week of research to see what was the reason for the delay, I asked the technician how to contact the telecom provider.

A week later, the ISP contacted Dotcom informing him that it was very difficult to know the origin of the problem. The supplier informed him that further investigate and since then never heard of origin.

It was all very mysterious. At that time we thought they were simply incompetent and did not know how to manage a network. But today, in light of the GCSB spy, understand that my traffic was diverted Internet, probably through the GCSB team had controlled.

Alongside Dotcom’s inquiries, the Herald claimed to have obtained details of research engineers and ISP staff, information that confirms a massive lag in your connection.

Confirmed that indeed the problems were due to the GCSB espionage, the government’s credibility would be damaged further, since it was the John Key himself confirming that surveillance was conducted from December 16, ever.

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