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Posted by on Oct 25, 2012 in Windows |

More than 30 apps for Windows 8 that you have to try

More than 30 apps for Windows 8 that you have to try

We are less than one day of the official launch of Windows 8 , Microsoft’s big bet to continue staying as a lead actor in the industry. About 90 percent of personal computers worldwide runs on any version of Windows and this gives an idea of why the team has been working on its development has taken his job very seriously and why there is so much anticipation on the subject.

If you wanted to know first hand how it will be the new Microsoft operating system you’re probably already used the previous version that Microsoft had made available to its users. is presented as an operating system based on the strength of Windows 7 with new functions in their now much more suited to the mobile environment and the variety of devices that form a user experience increasingly agile and demanding.

One of the big differences with their predecessors is Metro, its new interface, with a design based on a tile gamero, one for each application or person that works great for touch commands like those used in tablets and other mobile devices .

Using Windows 8 will have access to its application store, Windows Store , where you can download many programs free and paid for our computer. Microsoft tells us to “do more applications in Windows 8″, and wanted to begin by knowing what are the most interesting among the 5,000 with that already.

Although it has been criticized for having few Windows 8 applications at the time of its release, the problem is not likely to last long after not only Google has launched its search app, Google Search , the version of Skype has been announced and back several more have followed, as IM + , We recommended as one of the best of instant messaging.

Many of the best applications for Windows 8 brings is already preinstalled and it would be good to try them before downloading the like: are News, SkyDrive (your application has a design that is pleasant to use, much better than on the web), Maps , Weather, Sports, Finance and Travel.

Besides these, there are many good applications that can be downloaded from the and we have prepared a list of our recommendations:

  • Wikipedia: The most popular encyclopedia already have your app and will be one of the essential for many of us.
  • Kindle: If you are using Kindle and want to have your reading synchronized between all your devices, you should not forget about this app.
  • WappWolf: We talked in this kind of Bitelia IFTTT we love and has a very good app for Windows 8.
  • Box and Dropbox: If you are using these services cloud storage in addition to SkyDrive which is pre-installed, you can download a version for Windows 8.
  • Commander Metro: Metro does not have a native file manager, so this is a good option if you want to be able to view, create, open, rename, copy, delete, share or search through your files and folders.
  • BBC News Mobile: Not the official implementation of the BBC but it works well, is simple to use and you can see the latest news as they happen live.
  • LastPass: A password manager that allows synchronized between different browsers and devices. It has a $ 12 annual subscription.
  • Calculator2: As Windows 8 does not come with a pre-installed, can be helpful to have downloaded a calculator like this, which also has scientific functions.
  • InspirARTion: An app for pictures with some interesting brushes.
  • Rowi, TweeTRO and MetroTwit: Three apps for Twitter so you can choose from different designs.
  • The Big Picture: If you like photography you can not test the app of The Big Picture to see better its fantastic selection of photos.
  • Vimeo latest: The popular video service is an application to view the latest videos recommended.
  • Star Map: For fans of the sky and stars, an app that will give you all the information of the constellations. It costs 4.99 euros.
  • Free Books: Over 23,000 ebooks, especially classic on your hands with this app and ebook reader included.
  • Sketchbook Express: An app for drawing with a very clean design, perfect for tablets.
  • TED: The Internet’s most inspiring talks also have their own app for viewing in high definition.
  • Evernote: They have a very well designed app for Windows 8, which is essential if you are one of its users.
  • OneNote MX: The Metro version of OneNote is one of the essential for those looking to add productivity applications. Its radial menus are something worth trying.
  • The WordPress app works as a display of popular blogs hosted on the platform, in the form of a mosaic of items that form a magazine.
  • Lyrics: More than 5.5 million lyrics also shows the most popular songs by country and the world.
  • TuneIn: A wonderful search podcasts and internet radios all over the world, language and themes.
  • Games: This section can recommend many you probably already know and others not so much but it’s worth a look. Cut the Rope, Fruit Ninja, Armed!, Ball Strike, Carmen Sandiego, Mahjong, Doodle God are some of our recommendations.
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