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Most popular of the week XXXII

Most popular of the week XXXII

The week draws to a close, and here in Bitelia time to present the summary of the 5 items that touched the ceiling to be the most widely read of the week .

The biggest failures of Google, billing applications for freelancers, resources for web designers, how to set in our smartphones and a tool to find the system requirements of the major games, were the topics that most interest our dear readers . Let’s review them quickly.

and the face of failure

Google is considered the largest and most powerful company online, with tentacles that go in all directions and this 24/7 in the lives of many of us. His name is widely known, among other things, thanks to its search engine and email service, Gmail. His presence is so strong that whatever they do and always a great success, or simply a great failure, and ultimately have more of these chains.

Our colleague Barbara Pavan , prepared a summary of the biggest failures in the history of Google . Even though the list may be much longer are sufficient to show that Google is not a perfect company and the largest also make great mistakes.

Tools for online check

The life of a freelancer, despite having many benefits, it may be a bit more complicated than many imagine. One of the biggest challenges we face is to keep under control our accounting, finance and the issue of charging.

Fortunately, there are a large number of Internet tools to help with this troublesome aspect of our lives. Thanks to Gonzalo Marili­n , we have an excellent collection of online billing applications . Some more simple than others, with enough options to find the one that best suits our needs.

Graphic resources for designers

Lately we have dedicated a number of articles full of useful tools for web designers and developers. To stay in shape in this regard, Barbara has compiled some resources to use in our projects.

The complete list of resources for web graphics , including: Fonts, Images, Vectors and Free templates you can use in our projects. An article to save in your favorites and keep it handy.

Configuring IOS on Android

The arrival of to replace old and outdated Hotmail, has generated a huge user migration to the new service. Thinking of them, our friend Randal has spent precious minutes to explain how to configure the webmail Outlook on our mobile devices with Android and IOS.

A lack of native applications for these platforms, this little guide helps us to help us discover how to set up our accounts using the POP3 protocol old acquaintance.

I can run that game on my computer?

To close this short, I tell you about an interesting tool to check if our computers have sufficient performance to run a particular game.

The site lists the minimum and recommended requirements-hardware-and software of a large number of games, and helps us answer the question, I can run this game on my computer? , very simple.

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