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Posted by on Aug 23, 2012 in News, SmartPhones |

Motorola Android phones not relieve oldest

Motorola Android phones not relieve oldest

For a long time coming promising the possibility of releasing the bootloaders of their devices. This promise came true last week for a very limited selection of devices with the publication of a website where Moto explains what to do to unlock their phones and tablets. However, it seems they have put a limit on the antiquity of the devices that will switch freely ROM.

Yesterday, when asked by a Twitter user, Motorola said from his Twitter account, Motorola Mobility, which read: “It is not in the current plan.”

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We are definitely a bad decision to Motorola for the user, as they would have done a much better job doing what HTC has released tools to deliver a wide range of devices, as in the case of Moto are not many.

Therefore, Motorola allow users of their most recent dump devices Motoblur. This is a good point, especially for those who are not big fans of adaptations of Android manufacturers. Another thing is that most phones can benefit from this possibility, which are simply those of a certain age who have failed to receive official updates may not sought an extension of life through cooked ROMs or at least can not do so officially. In this group we find models like the Droid 3, Bionic, or Droid X2.

In short, a lime and sand. Motorola takes a step forward but it treads its oldest members, many early adopters, ie people who trusted Motorola in their first difficult moments with Android. We shall see if the arrival of Google to amend the party something this decision.

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