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Posted by on Nov 16, 2012 in Software |

Mozilla Firefox simulates OS from the browser

Mozilla Firefox simulates OS from the browser

Firefox OS is the operating system based mobile web . Until now we could only try downloading an executable to your computer. However, today they have released an extension that allows simulate it from the browser in order for us to know all its features in a much more comfortable.

First, it is clear that Firefox OS is far from its final version, and that is why the chances are that we find a bug in the system. However, if you are a developer or just a curious person, agrees that you take a look to see the potential.

If you want to try it you just have to download the add-on for the operating system you’re using. Immediately after installing, to navigate between all functions must go to Tools / Web Developer / Firefox OS Simulator. In my case, I installed the Mac version, and to give you an idea, the supplement had a size of 69.1 MB.

The first impression you get is that, in appearance, has a certain resemblance to Android because of the icon layout and design of the home screen. I would like to emphasize once again its stability, not one of his strong yet. In addition, the simulation is too slow getting to hang sometimes. Of course, no calls can be made but that messages can be simulated in the test system.

Firefox OS wants to arrive at a time when the market is divided among several companies that dominate. For one, Android has a market share higher with Apple. RIM is in free fall and try to improve it by presenting BlackBerry 10 in January. Furthermore, Nokia is trying refloat with new Lumia. Will Firefox OS a piece of cake?

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