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Posted by on Sep 10, 2012 in Curiosities, Science |

Mushrooms to build violins that sound like a Stradivarius

Mushrooms to build violins that sound like a Stradivarius

The Stradivarius is known as the stringed instrument perfect for violinists. Its features are unique and individual sound due to specific biological reaction in the wood during construction was in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. A new study shows that two types of fungus may be the item for making new violins that sound like the Stradivarius.

This was recently demonstrated Professor Frances Schwarze, finding a way to use mushrooms in two common types of treated wood for making violins. A process that enables a biological structure ideal for the violin.

It would be two species of fungi, and Xylaria longipes Physisporinus vitreus, which produce a cadence in the wood used for violins to the point that its tonal quality is improved. According to researcher:

Usually reduce the density of the wood, but at the same time, unfortunately, reduce the speed at which sound waves travel through the timber.

The unique feature of these fungi is gradually degrade cell walls, thus inducing a narrowing thereof. But even in the latter stages of the decomposition of wood, a rigid scaffolding structure is maintained through which sound waves can travel even directly. Even the modulus of elasticity is not compromised, the timber remains as pressure resistant same manner as before treatment of fungi.

This would indicate that the three bases in the composition of a good timber for the manufacture of violins (low density, high speed of sound and a high modulus of elasticity) are provided with this treatment. In the same way, the researcher suggests that the process recreates the effect of treatment that occurred in past centuries with the Stradivarius, “long winters and cool summers,” coming out of the perfect wood for stringed instrument.

Since then, researchers have tried for years to figure out how or why the wood used in those days had a structure as perfect for the …. until now.

Professor Schwarze tested before an audience blindly his violin with a Stradivarius. At the end, the jury believed that the violin treated with fungi was actually a Stradivarius.

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