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Posted by on Oct 15, 2012 in Multimedia |

Music Xbox, Microsoft launched its own Spotify

Music Xbox, Microsoft launched its own Spotify

After the success of Spotify and Rdio, Microsoft is preparing to launch its own streaming service similar to both whereby users can listen to music directly via the Internet and that will be called Xbox Music . already closed deals with most the main record and have a similar catalog of its two nearest competitors also supported by a freemium model, ie may be used for free with advertisements or ads remove paying.

For prices are similar to what we are used to using a service called Xbox Music Pass: $9.99 and $99.99 monthly dollars annually. For Spotify monthly subscription costs exactly the same but not the year, it does not offer any discount and goes up to $120, Rdio has a version unlimited at the same monthly price and one that we can only use the via web service at half price ($ 4.99 U.S. dollars).

Nothing groundbreaking in that sense therefore, an area where as a great company could have played a strong letter offering lower prices. Along with the streaming service, Xbox Music will also offer a shop for buying songs directly, similar to what was hitherto Zune Music, and download the songs to listen to offline. We ignore for the moment the price per song again but also imagine that looks similar to the options we have now, such as iTunes, integrated store or other alternatives.

The big play comes with Microsoft though the devices that will be available: Xbox, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. It will be available as a separate application and have the free version available to anyone. When start to reach the various systems? Starting tomorrow, October 16, with the major update of Xbox Live, Xbox, the 26th launch with Windows 8, and a few days later, on 29 Windows Phone 8 October.

The free service will be available in 22 countries on the day of launch, while Xbox Music Pass, which is the paid version with no ads, only 15.

The main points against Xbox Music Pass pass that can not be used from Windows 7 or from Windows Phone 7 and in the case of Xbox Live Gold subscription required to have a separate to buy the Xbox Music Pass with what would have to pay two times. That said, Microsoft’s bid can stand in their very, very well especially if they play the trick of the ecosystem and begins to succeed in Windows, and other systems fortaleciando weaker now as Windows Phone 8 and turning on the Xbox entertainment all in one family in the living room with possibility to play the entire catalog of songs through the TV.

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