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My Photo ebook turns your Instagram account into a digital book

My Photo ebook turns your Instagram account into a digital book

One of the most important applications of this year was . Present as a successful product in iOS for several years, this year saw the landing on Android , attracting a huge number of new users. In addition, the small company was acquired by the giant Facebook by adding quirky one billion dollars, and since then have been making some major improvements as adding new filters, and premiering the much required and expected web profiles. Now, anyone that claims can have your Instagram account, and this also brings the problem of storing and viewing photos. Designed as a social network, we can access images from the web, and we can download them through various third-party applications, but there are so many options that we can reach us dizzy. That’s why we like both the proposal brings My Photo ebook .

What makes this application is getting into our Instagram account to take our pictures and, as the name suggests, turning them into an ebook that can display on devices like iPad, iPhone, iPod, but also Nook, Kindle and other popular readers ebooks. The application streamlines the photo album concept and brings it to current devices. But also can be used by both individuals and organizations, expanding its potential use and creating more opportunities for exploitation for Instagram account, which also recently allowed to upload photos to Facebook fanpages . In this video we see a little operation, which is very simple to capture the widest possible audience.

Needless to say that the images are not going so well with readers like the Kindle 4, which are much more basic and are oriented text. The advantage that we can take to this application depends on the hardware you have to do. Now to make it work right we give ourselves permission to Instagram. Then we can select the photos you want to appear in the ebook, and when we finish this process, select the order you want to give. Finally, the ebook will be published and ready for download. The application is currently in beta, so we’ll have to request an invitation to test.

As we said, Instagram is being exploited by brands also , with a brand new profile for companies that can install from now. does not ignore the potential we have as a brand, and offers several features to make the most. The selling is one of them. For example, for photographers can be a good way to market your catalog. They can set the price they want, but you can also opt for the social payment, which allows users to download the book for free by leaving a comment on Facebook or Twitter. But you can also use more traditional options sold and put a monetary price . As for customization options, you can put a special cover, change the title, and customize the ebook so that more desire with various functionalities.

My Photo ebook uses a technology called byeink, which can be used by all users of the platform. It has a support system for publishing digital books, the way you manage most want in the cloud, and sell, as we said, without too many complications. It also allows byeink which ebooks generated in the most common formats for use in popular readers. The distribution can be done through the website or social networking.

The truth is that Instagram supports, plus the promise of future support for Flickr and 500px, My Photo ebook is a promising platform completely. In fact, behind it is the team that developed also Cream eBooks , a simple platform to publish our books online in 4 steps without complicate too. With this experience behind, we will have no problem making our digital photo album.

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