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Posted by on Sep 18, 2012 in Uncategorized |

Nanny for Google Chrome, an extension to combat procrastination

In a number of corporate environments usually work with web applications and, therefore, the browser has become the cornerstone on which turns the workday for many people. Helpdesk applications, business intelligence tools or monitoring systems or content management systems are examples of web tools that can be found and, if we are not disciplined when it comes to work, we may end up relegating to second place to spend some time updates visit our friends on Facebook or checking our Google Reader. If we are easy prey to procrastination , ie postpone our obligations nicest things, and are users of Google Chrome, you could resort to the help offered extension for Google Chrome Nanny .

And to what extent can this help? How can help improve our productivity? If we are not very disciplined with our work and get distracted easily, this extension gives us a kind of emergency plan against our bad habits because we will schedule blocks web pages and services that we indicate, we can avoid visiting those pages in specific time windows.

It is true that many companies apply content filters that block access to certain websites considered unproductive and, frankly, is a measure not share because it is assumed that employees are not responsible and, if duty allows, take a quick look at the timeline should not be penalized (and is a way to take a little break in the same way that someone who goes to smoke ). However, if we lose control, we may not have come badly some help and self-impose a regime of work that brings us back on track.

The extension is very simple to use and offers several control mechanisms of our activity:

  • A list of URLs to block where we can define a range of times when access to these pages should be monitored (ie our working time), a time interval (in minutes) in which we can access these pages from time to time (5 minutes every hour, every two hours, etc) with the idea of controlling our breaks and days on which these rules apply (eg weekdays)
  • A list of URLs that we will consider in a whitelist and therefore must not be blocked
  • Control panels that configure the actions to perform before a blocked site (display a message, redirect the user to a specific page, etc.) and, most interestingly, a graph will show the time spent to web pages we visited (with the idea of us think and check that we are returning to the right path)

I think this extension is very useful if we find that our performance is down and spend too much time surfing the Internet during work hours, I think it’s much better self-impose a method of recovering our producitividad to face a penalty at work or the loss of our jobs and, to prevent such situations, the truth is worth trying as an extension for Nanny.

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