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NASA announces new black holes in space

NASA announces new black holes in space

It was through the WISE telescope. Sending pictures through the telescope completed last year (stopped working) has concluded the scientists, who have announced the discovery of millions of supermassive black holes with rare galaxies.

completed its office at the end of 2011 by sending a series of images that have been studied since. With the wide-field infrared telescope astronomers have identified about 2.5 million active supermassive black holes, many of them more than 10 million light years away.

About two thirds of these were unknown until now. Consider that they are objects whose gravitational pull is so strong that nothing, not even light, can escape it once within a particular region.

Daniel Stern, one of the astronomers behind the research, explains that these latest findings will help astronomers better understand how galaxies and black holes grow and evolve together:

One of the greatest results in the last decade has been the recognition that every galaxy appears to have a huge black hole in its center. Our own Milky Way galaxy has a black hole weighing about 4 million times the mass of the Sun

Not only that, astronomers have also reported that through WISE found many strange and bright galaxies known so far. Galaxies obscured by cosmic dust.

To Hashima Hasan, NASA scientist:

WISE has exhibited a variety of hidden objects. We found an asteroid dances ahead of Earth in its orbit, we have found the coldest objects like stars found so far, and now we find supermassive black holes and galaxies that are hidden behind veils of dust.

Peter Eisenhardt, who worked with the telescope, talked about them:

Now, with the WISE study in hand, we find that they are actually more obscured objects in the sky which are among the brightest in the universe. WISE has discovered about 1,000 of these brilliant.

The reason, according to researchers, is that these galaxies are bright because they are the most powerful, which emit more energy throughout the electromagnetic spectrum. These galaxies are up to two times hotter than other luminous galaxies.

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