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Posted by on Nov 19, 2012 in Science |

NASA discovered the most distant object in the Universe to date

NASA discovered the most distant object in the Universe to date

Under the name of MACS0647-JD, and ESA seem to have found the most distant seen so far . An object that is believed to be found at 13.3 billion light years away from Earth setting a new record.

An image obtained by combining the Spitzer and telescopes of NASA and ESA. MACS0647-JD would have been born 420 million years after the Big Bang. A photograph showing the galaxy as it was for 13.3 billion years offering an unprecedented view of the beginnings of our universe in the Big Bang. According to Richard Bouwens, one of the lead authors of the study:

From time to time we hope to find distant galaxies using gravitational lensing, but this latest discovery has exceeded expectations of what was possible with this program.

The investigator spoke on the technique used. Hubble uses a group of massive galaxies and telescopes to enhance and magnify distant galaxies that surround it. A method by which the galaxy cluster drives the light of distant galaxy, the result, some brighter images than you would get with a normal telescope.

A finding that scientists have labeled as historic. An object that would be part of the early stages of galaxy formation. According to the researchers:

MACS0647-JD must be one of the many building blocks of a galaxy. Over the next 13,000 million years, may have tens, hundreds or even thousands of mergers with other galaxies and fragments of galaxies in the universe.

The object will be to future studies the most serious candidate to become the most distant galaxy seen so far. According to the researchers, their remoteness makes it difficult to verify the exact distance.

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