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Posted by on Dec 26, 2012 in Science, Technology |

NASA seeks to turn an asteroid in space station

NASA seeks to turn an asteroid in space station

According to the Daily Mail, the space agency plans to capture an asteroid of 500 000 kilograms, move and transform it into a space station for astronauts are supplied with fuel on its way to the upcoming trips into space, including to Mars.

If carried out, would be talking about a milestone, as it would be the first occasion in which humans alter the course of a celestial object. A plan whose budget would rise to 2.6 billion dollars and that would be part of the agenda being set for space exploration in the next decade.

In the feasibility report prepared by and the California Institute of Technology, scientists describe how they will “capture” the asteroid. First he talks about the launch of a capsule capture through an Atlas V rocket that would be between the Earth and the Moon.

At the moment when the capsule is found near the rock would launch a pocket or network with a diameter of 15 meters, a tool that envelop the celestial object, and finally stopping dragging a gravitational space thanks to the thrusters neutral of the capsule.

One benefit that is advertised with the project is the possibility of extracting metals and minerals in addition to other asteroids that could hold water, if so, would separate the hydrogen and oxygen for fuel.

A project that would be right now in negotiations between the agency and the White House. To crystallize the project, in a decade the man would be willing to alter the path of a celestial object.

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