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Posted by on Sep 26, 2012 in Technology |

NASA wants to build a space station on the far side of the Moon

NASA wants to build a space station on the far side of the Moon

A new agency project to build a thousands of miles from Earth , beyond the orbit of the itself. Under the name of Gateway Spacecraft, the talks about a position that would support future astronaut crews and serve as a waiting area to future missions to the Moon or Mars.

The idea is to save costs in future missions. NASA hopes to build the ship with the leftover pieces of the International Space Station using hardware supplied by Russia and Italy.

The position where the station would be located on the second Lagrange point of the Earth-Moon system (EML-2), a space where the Earth and Moon create a balance where NASA engineers can place the ship with a minimum amount of energy required to keep it in position.

And how come there? Use the rocket NASA Orion-SLS, a technology currently under development. If all goes as planned, the rocket should be ready for launch in 2017.

Now, to make the project a reality must be approved budgets that would amount to a billion dollars. All for a final goal on the horizon, the possibility of having a station list where not only analyze the moon, but to send the station to nearby asteroids or even Mars.

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