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Posted by on Oct 16, 2012 in Photography |

Natural Phenomena: a show called Earth

What we see in the pictures is the work of Reid Gower, a brutal collection of time lapses , probably the best I have done so far. Earth at its best in a series of sequences that take us from many of the famous sites of the planet on which we live to the space and the Milky Way.

The artist explains from his Vimeo page the reason for the video:

Human beings are part of the natural order of things. Monkey so far we have acquired language and learned to use tools. The skyscrapers and spaceships may seem unnatural, but are only an important part of the natural order such as bird nests. Open your eyes to the world we’ve grown accustomed and rejoice in the fact you can participate in the human project.

The result is a sublime spectacle that leaves us with an open mouth and an idea in his head: the chance to live a phenomenon as great as is nature.

The work was carried out with a Nikon D300, Canon and GoPro Hero 5DMII 2. The theme that accompanies the piece is Blood Theme, Data Skywriter album.

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