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Posted by on Nov 6, 2012 in Internet |

Navigation without clicks reaches Chrome

Although we are still far from him, at least on the desktop, that after all are best developed where our work activity or something far more complicated tasks leisure, lately we have seen even in traditional systems like Windows mouse lose prominence and keyboard for touch technologies.

Windows 8 is a clear example, despite a system that preserve all the elements of previous versions, now has a new interface designed to be operated only through touch gestures. This is in my opinion a very good idea as it does not deprive us of using the usual tools but also adds a part where you can enjoy content without peripherals, which are very basic.

Perhaps for this reason, and focused to save the sometimes annoying and unnecessary mouse clicks, in recent weeks has gained prominence Click-free Browsing , an extension for Google that lets you browse the web apart from them.

The premise is basically that, but we should clarify some things. But the goal is to dispense with the mouse as an input device and particularly of clicks, how we make the actions of the same? Easy: By time, simply position the pointer over a link to launch automatically, or maybe use the buttons on the screen (similar to the famous screen keyboards but for the mouse) that provides the complement.

After installing the extension a series of buttons on screen will populate your browser. On links, an icon that will take us to play them. In the scroll bar, several icons that will help us navigate it. The keyboard operation remains the same, so if for example you want to open the link in a new tab, just press the Control key and then position ourselves on opening the link icon.

Does the paste? Well, not a paste, but security features are disabled by default on pages using HTTPS protocols. If for example we want to use the extension to our web mail client, simply add the address to the safe list via plug-in options.

Click-free Browsing is a tool that we recommend especially to users that despite not having a touch screen, not have a mouse as such, and are forced to use the sometimes uncomfortable touchpads on their laptops.

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