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Posted by on Nov 28, 2012 in Curiosities |

Nebula 12, a weather station that generates artificial clouds

Nebula 12, a weather station that generates artificial clouds

The field of weather stations has not been much change over the years. Its function is unclear, monitor the weather outside, and there seems little where innovate. So far as the boys of Micasa Lab have decided to give a twist to the concept and have managed to move outside the monitored time into our room.

Does that mean I get wet if it rains out in my room? No, the concept for now is not so great but it is clear if we have clouds inside. Micasa Labs, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland has developed a way to have clouds in our lounge. The Nebula 12 produces clouds differently than you would a fog machine. Use warm water and liquid nitrogen to generate a cloud of steam. The clouds are emitted from a lamp which also provides background for the mood light and the clouds look better. The light varies in intensity and color which makes following patterns you will understand that time.

For example, if we see a red cloud that would mean that comes a low pressure front. Conversely, if we have a bright yellow light means we will have a sunny day. The default Nebula 12 takes weather data from the Met Office in the UK thanks to a smartphone Nokia Lumia connected by WiFi. We do not know why this choice of smartphone (perhaps SPONSORS of some sort) but it is logical that if you were to sell and succeed, users will demand applications for other operating systems.

Yet the source of weather information is adjustable as well the prediction time being 48 hours which is the default. What sets it apart from its marketing is perhaps its differentiator. Not being like a normal fog machine using nitrogen, the risk involved is high handling. If you want to see how it works you can do in the video below.

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