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Posted by on Sep 20, 2012 in Technology |

Nestle launches chocolate with GPS to locate your contest winners

Nestle launches chocolate with GPS to locate your contest winners

Remembering the novel by Willy Wonka, Nestle launches one of the strangest campaigns ever recorded in recent years. UK gets the promotion We Will Find You, chocolates with to find the four lucky contest endowed with 10,000 pounds each.

As we see in the video, the idea is to hide a GPS chip in the envelope of six brands of chocolate company 4 Finger KitKat, KitKat Chunky, Medium Peppermint Aero and Yorkie Milk. The motto:

We will find you, find you and give you a check for 10,000 pounds.

How? This chip hidden inside is activated when the envelope is removed from the bar. An activation with Nestle have 24 hours to reach the winner and give a check worth 10,000 pounds.

A campaign that apparently only work in the UK and is supported by thousands of posters in the country that offer communication NFC and QR codes famous.

The idea, as in the story of Willy Wonka, is to increase sales exponentially. According to Graham Walker of Nestle:

We believe this special promoted will appeal to men, to whom they often attract this type of chocolate. We drive sales with it.

Impossible not to remember the story of and the Chocolate Factory, where the entrepreneur and owner of the famous chocolates included four golden tickets in as many envelopes. The novel prize was the opportunity to enter the secret factory and watch the popular sweets made. A campaign to trigger a special sales.

As for GPS, tracking devices are only four winning bars and confined to the UK, so if an individual purchases one of the winning chocolates and out of the territory, may not receive the award.

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