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Posted by on Oct 22, 2012 in Intellectual Property |

Netflix launches streaming service in Finland with subtitles “pirates”

On Friday, launched its streaming service in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. A landing that has come with controversy in the latter country. In a move that the company is investigating itself and as part of the programming, Netflix used unauthorized subtitles made by a fan page on the science fiction series Andromeda. The platform has been removed from your schedule to find out how the series has occurred.

As most know, the network currently exist in hundreds of pages are devoted to the subtitling of films in different languages. Unlike “official” made by the producers, this system takes place without permission of the owners and content owners and content is generally used for “pirated”.

Divx Finland is one of these communities to the Finnish public. A page that has over 26 million downloads in the past years and is widely used to add movies and downloaded.

After last week’s arrival of Netflix to the country took a “mistake” unusual. Instead of displaying subtitles officers, users could check as was using Divx subtitles for Finland on the series Andromeda. A situation that could be happening in other series or movies offered.

Divx Finland was then advised of the situation and went to Netflix via Twitter with some irony:

Good to know using our texts, but they did not ask permission.

Next to the message added a link to the video clip where credits are clearly the subtitle page.

Later that Netflix would respond. The platform has public apologized to the unauthorized use of subtitles ensuring had been eliminated. While trying to figure out how they got the subtitles to the series, late yesterday issued a statement that collect from TorrentFreak:

Buy movies and TV shows from many different distributors. We usually provide subtitles. We investigated how these subtitles were added to Andromeda.

We removed the series from Netflix pending the investigation. We are a legitimate service and paid a lot of money for programs and movies on the platform, including its subtitle.

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