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Posted by on Dec 24, 2012 in Intellectual Property, Internet |

Netherlands: download movies and music will remain legal

Netherlands: download movies and music will remain legal

This was ratified by the House of Representatives proposed revoking the policy of establishing an anti-shock. The downloading Movies and will remain legal in the and rights holders will be compensated through a tax on private copying in data storage devices.

And in the Netherlands, as in many countries, are tremendously popular downloads. The difference is that in Dutch law legal declares these discharges.

In recent months, several studies indicated that the situation was getting worse because 30% of music Downloads and movies citizens were copyrighted. This has led to several discussions and policy proposals to abolish the law and try to make downloads in an illegal activity.

This winter, the Secretary of State reintroduced the idea of banning the discharge, a plan that was eventually rejected by the House of Representatives. The reason: the prohibition of the discharge is not an appropriate approach to address “piracy”. Not only that, the Chamber claimed that the right to make copies for personal use should not be restricted. According to Kees Verhoeven, the House member who drafted the motion:

Fortunately, the House chooses to clearly establish the necessary modernization of copyright law within the limits of Internet freedom. We must fight for the legal availability increased through new business models online. The prohibition of the discharge does not really solve the problem of unpaid downloads.

The vote means that downloading movies and music for personal use is still legal in the country. However, the entertainment industry is not totally helpless. The copyright holders in the Netherlands are compensated through a “piracy tax” in systems like the CDR or DVDR.

A tax on “piracy” adopted in October which will extend to a variety of other storage devices such as tablets, smartphones, USB, desktop and notebook PCs. All money raised, up to five euros per device, will be distributed to rights holders.

Anyway, in the Netherlands will remain legal to download music and movies for free for personal use, that is, if not shared with others.

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