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Posted by on Sep 26, 2012 in Intellectual Property, Internet |

Netherlands proposed rates to cover discharges from the P2P

Netherlands proposed rates to cover discharges from the P2P

Dutch citizens may download copyrighted material for personal use, even if that content comes from illegal sources such as P2P. The situation could change with the next decision of the European Court of Justice in an open case. rates for citizens that would cover this type of discharge .

And is that last week the Dutch Supreme Court decided to refer a case to the European Court of Justice. The latter decision could have implications on the status currently enjoyed by users in the country.

The case discusses the country’s tax on private copying. Currently Dutch citizens have the right to conduct personal use copies in exchange for rights holders receive tax revenue from the supports.

These rates are set by negotiation between societies of authors and composers with media producers. Now what is sought is that the current rate also includes discharges from illegal sources, ie file-sharing networks such as P2P.

And is that downloading from illegal sources is considered legal until today in the Netherlands. In December 2010 the Dutch parliament passed a motion to prevent the downloading of movies and music for personal use, a proposal that could extend into the hardware related downloads.

The country’s Supreme Court has explained that under the Directive of the EU, we can consider that the copy from an illegal source is actually illegal, so it has referred the case to the European Court.

In its decision or not likely to change the current situation of the country. It will determine the legality of the download for personal use in the Netherlands. A decision that would lead to the implementation of a new tax on the copy on sources “illegal”.

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